Application eligibility

We are looking for:

  • Businesses or enterprises that are majority Black-owned or founded
  • An ability to cover the hard costs of external expenses (packaging, printing, etc.)
  • Dedicated staff time and energy put aside to manage project (meetings, reviews, deadlines, etc.)
  • Companies with current revenue of $150k – $10mm
  • Brands in the consumer packaged goods industry (specifically food and beverage)

Our goal with The Empower Project is to begin eradicating that inequality and disparity.
Timeline page: Dec 15 at 11 am CST,

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The Empower Project’s intention

First and foremost, The Empower Project is meant to benefit Black-owned businesses, which we believe will lead to the amplification of Black voices. Too often, in both the world at large and within the CPG space, we see Black voices underrepresented, leading to greater inequality and wealth disparity. Our goal with The Empower Project is to begin eradicating that inequality and disparity.